Do not worry, if you still have do not know about Sabrina Spellman story and have not watched the recent season, we will not spoil it for you. The chilling adventure of Sabrina is one of the famous series running on Netflix right with more than 7 ratings on Netflix. The show has a very dark vibe to it and perfect selection if you are into witches and other dark stuff.

But if you want to know the future of the half-mortal half witches future then keep reading the article.

Sabrina Spellman daughter of Edward Spellman. What is going to the small blonde girl who thinks she can fight with the dark lord himself.

But keep it in your mind these must be based on the comic and fan-based theories as well.

Upcoming Sabrina Spellman Vs Dark Lord Fight:

Yes, you have heard it right, there is going to be an epic fight Sabrina Vs Dark lord. It is not going to be like Harry Vs Voldemort it is going to be hideous and clever. Dark Lord is after Sabrina as she is special and brave. Sabrina is totally into her freedom. So there is definitely a factor of conflict between the dark lord and Sabrina.

Sabrina has questioned a lot in the show why witches are not free and why they have to follow the dark lord blindly. So there is definitely a conflict between the dark lord and Sabrina Spellman. The fit may be introduced in season 4 we hope.

Mary Wardwell and Sabrina Spellman’s Truce:

Mary Wardwell is commonly known as Madam Satan. The first woman on earth. Long story short Mary Wardwell wants to be the side chick of Dark lord and Sabrina Spellman is in the way.


But there might be a truce, Lilith is cruel but she is not that cruel as compared to the dark lord. She has feelings and as portrayed in the season 2 play. She just wants to be loved, now that Adam was here in season 2. We might come across the friendship between Sabrina and Mary. As dork lord has not shown any interest in Lillith.

Sabrina Spellman and Harvey will be back:

Sabrina Spellman and Harvey might be back in season 3 or 4. As Sabrina Spellman said back in season 2 that how Nicholas is a bad influence on her life. Harvey is sweet and he might be back with Sabrina. We never know.

Weird Sisters and Sabrina:

Yes, you heard right again, Sabrina saved prudence once, the friendship might bloom again as Sabrina is a full-time student at the Academy.

Might be a fight between Sabrina and Susie:

There might be a conflict between Susie and Sabrina because Susie was cursed by a witch and who must know it may be a Spellman.

Season Reviews:

Bewitchingly beautiful and wickedly macabre, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina casts an intoxicating spell and provides a perfect showcase for Kiernan Shipka’s magical talents.

Read the full review on all the episodes on the rotten tomatoes as well.

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