The future of Thomas Shelby has been a burning question after the finale. We all know a lot happened in the recent season and we will break it down.

Before diving into the possibilities of his future. We will discuss down points and facts about the previous seasons. There are spoilers for peak blinders season 4 and 5 as well.

Thomas Shelby Mental Illness:

It is clear that Thomas Shelvy is suffering from PMD after world war 1. However, he didn’t go through any therapy so he is always anxious and always drinking.

In the future, it is believed that Thomas is going to be in an asylum. He tried to kill himself after he failed to kill Oswald Mosley.

After he failed to assassinate the fascist leader. Tommy was seen as acting paranoid and crazy. The gang leader was almost seen going for suicide.

But, we can not say much about this is not confirmed whether Tommy will be in an asylum or dead.

Alfie Solomons is back:

Another factor that indicated the future of Thomas Shelby and the razor gang is also the presence of Alfie in the show. Alfie gave Thomas a good piece of advice back then. Thomas has more in mind for Alfie.

However, Thomas asked help from Alfie to lend him some jew men to assassinate Oswald Mosley.

Michael Gray initiative to Overtake Thomas and Peaky blinders

Michael Gray was seen giving his new drug dealing business with Americans to Thomas. According to him, Thomas should give up his illegal businesses and team up with Micahel. Thomas took this as an offense and became all angry with him.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is the man because of whom Thomas Shelby is alive in the first place. But, after the finale, it is clear that Thomas has the full support of Winston Churchill. According to him Thomas and him both of them.are in thee same-same situation like world war 1.

But, he told Thomas to do everything he can in order to stop Oswald from his vile acts.

What is going to be the future of Thomas Shelby and the Peaky Blinders?

Now that we did the recap let’s move towards the future.

Thomas will and up in asylum: Future of Thomas Shelby.

It is the only plot arc left. Thomas has been acting a little off. Birmingham gang leader almost tried to kill himself. After he was failed to kill Oswald. So, it is truly believed that asylum is the best what to revive the character of Thomas from the shock and trauma of war and losing his loved ones.

Michael will try to kill Thomas or else.

Michael has a plan B regarding Thomas. Many people are believing that plan B is totally relating to putting end to Thomas. Plotting plans to murder Thomas can be on his mind. But, we never know.

Thomas will be openly rooting for communism.

However, until this Date, Thomas was completely cold towards communism. But after his interaction with these Jessie Eden and death of ben younger. He is in total. Communist now doing good things. People believe that Thomas will be openly rooting for communism ignoring deals with Mosely and calling another war.


  1. my predictions in a nutshell for the next season.

    1- tommy said to Alfie he will continue till he finds a man he cant beat, well its tommy himself , he is his own worst enemy here and his ptsd is pushing him towards suicidal thoughts , which subsided while he was with grace and started getting worse post grace’s death. The fact that hes taking drugs/drink etc acts as adding fuel to fire to his ptsd. he now knows about his mother, the gypsy curse and arthur has tried once to take his life so tommy now has to win the battle against himself. Alfie most likely is tommy hallucinating based on how alfie predicts episodes last scene

    2- Grace visions that tommy keeps seeing this season are based on pre marriage grace the un-corrupted part according to tommy in other words it represents his guilt haunting him unlike tommy who helps arthur and others deal with their PTSD lows no one helps him or sees him suffering Tommy is a man who walks alone the only person who he was able to show his most volatile down self was grace, she was able to bring him out of his lows and she is dead. by taking drugs to dream about her is tommy’s way of easing his PTSD symptoms.

    3-Tommy has to and will redeem himself in the next season/seasons by trying to bring oswald down from within as he told kitty.kitty might work with tommy to achieve this. By doing so he might be able to get rid of the haunting of his conscious in the form of grace somewhat and rather start reminiscing about her with fondness.

    4- I do think both polly and micheal might together against go tommy. Aberama death might be at the hands of micheal. Micheal knows polly knows tommy inside out and be getting his mother on his side he can over thrown tommy .

    5-interesting will the choice of events leading up to ww2 which the writers will pick to put peaky blinders in and how they effect them. Also does tommy go to another war or stays back

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